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Celestine Day – An Introduction

Hello, welcome, blessed be, all that, and etc.

I am Celestine Day, and this is my new blog. I’m a female type person in my mid-thirties, who lives in the southern U.S. and I am finally working on putting together a career for myself in this physical world, where one must be concerned with survival.

As for the point of this blog, I am a devotional, polytheistic Pagan in the process of building a strange and mixed personal practice. I attend weekly meetings and rituals with a local ADF Protogrove (, but I am not a member of ADF, nor will I be, because I do not consider myself a Druid. I consider myself a solitary practitioner who is lucky enough to have a group of similar-minded people to talk to, and with whom to share holy days.

My Paganism is eclectic, but not haphazardly so; I worship where I am called, or where I am invited. For now, that means I worship Ganesha from the Hindu pantheon, and the Orisha Yemaya, who is known by many names across various African Diaspora religions from Ifa, to Santeria/Lucumi.

Ganesha allows me to worship him, and invited me to do so after I had asked three nights in a row if there were any specific deities who wanted to work with me.

Yemaya called to me, in the middle of the night, Her name repeated over and over until I agreed to start research on her in the morning. Only then was I allowed to go back to sleep.

I have felt a pull toward Durga, also of the Hindu pantheon, but school and finance limits the time and money I can put into researching the way I would like (I love books, but they unfortunately cost money). Right now I find most of my information from the Internet, from blogs and articles written by others with experiences with these deities, and with the cultures from which they come.

I call myself a devotional polytheistic Pagan for two reasons. One, I do believe in a multitude of gods from a multitude of pantheons. Two, my practice is centered around devotion to deities, and on personal growth. Nature is not a center of my practice; I am unfortunately very allergic to basically all of it, and thus for my own health cannot immerse myself in it as nature-centric Paganism requires. I hope one day medical science (and my finances) will allow this to change, but for now I must be, and I am, content with devotional, Self-centric Paganism.

I also consider myself a Witch, though I don’t work magic (yes, I spell it without a k) as often as I should, or as often as I would like.

My practice is limited right now, because I live with non-Pagans who tolerate, but don’t truly accept my faith. I have a single room in the house that is mine to do with as I will, and I have shrine space for Ganesha and Yemaya, and I have converted a cabinet that used to hold DVDs into a supply cabinet, but I do not have the room for a working altar of the kind I would love. I cannot give offerings the way I and my gods would like, so for now I offer them the only thing I can: my love, devotion, and thanks.

One day, I’m going to have the life of an adult, including space to truly build a working, daily practice. I’m inviting you on that journey with me. I hope you enjoy the ride.



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