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Prayer for Justice

I’ve been working on writing prayers for my personal use in my practice. I probably won’t share many of them, unless asked, because most of them will be specific to Ganesha and Yemaya, since these are currently the two deities to whom I am devoted. If there are people interested in seeing them, though, I don’t mind sharing some of them at a later time.

This particular prayer I will share, because it is intended to be shared. It is something I’ve been contemplating over the past little while. The past few days, the idea really crystallized in my head for what I really wanted to say.

I hope this finds resonance. If you would like to change the invocation of the first two lines to other deities, feel free. Whatever rituals you would like to perform surrounding this prayer, do so. This is an offering, to you, to the world, meant to be used.

Prayer for Justice

Ganesha, Lord of the Ganas, named Dharmik, He who prods us down the road of compassion, hear me.
Yemaya, Mother, She who rides the waves and feels every mother’s loss as Her own, hear me.
Gods and Goddesses of justice, You who right the balance, hear me.

I pray for the mothers who have lost children by way of lost empathy.
I pray for the children, young and grown, lost too soon by way of no compassion.
I am sad for them, and I am angry for them.
I pray for myself, that this anger not consume me.

I pray for the killers, those who find themselves overcome by their own power.
I pray that they find no peace until they understand what they have done.If there is grief, if there is remorse, if there is regret, then let them go into the world with humility and compassion.
If there is none, may their dreams be hounded, may their sleep be troubled, may their minds never rest
until their hearts find room to hear the cries of those they have wronged.

I name them: Darren Wilson. Sean Williams. David Darkow. Daniel Pantaleo. Timothy Loehmann
All those unknown and unnamed.
I name them: Officer without compassion. Police without shame. Authority without humility. Country without balance. Power that does not serve the people.

Let this be a time of change. Let empathy come. Let compassion be known. Let understanding sear the mind and heart.

May it be so.


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