I will be back Monday!

This is going to be a busy weekend for me. I’m writing this post Wednesday night, for publication on Friday, since I already have a post scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday).

Tomorrow morning, I have a final in statistics. Then in the evening, I’m going to see a movie with a friend, which I haven’t done in a long time.

Friday evening, I’m going to spend with another friend watching him playing a PS4 game I have to wait for Christmas (because of my family) to play myself.

Saturday at noon I’m having lunch with a couple of other friends, and then that evening is the ADF meeting.

I am blessed with a surfeit of friends!

So, I will be very busy starting tomorrow morning when I wake up at 6:30am, all the way through late Saturday. Sunday will be the earliest I’ll be likely to be available for blog-writing purposes, and I’ll definitely have something scheduled for Monday.

Until then, brightest blessings to all! (And to all a good night!)

(I couldn’t help myself.)



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