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A Celestine by Any Other Name…

I wrote a while back about magical names and my relationship (or lack thereof) with them.

Since then, I’ve changed my name (and thus the url for this blog) yet again. Thankfully, I don’t see myself changing it again any time soon. Of course, I didn’t expect to do so when I first started using “Celestine Day,” either.

Truthfully, I think “Day” was a placeholder. And recently, I realized that it makes my name sound much too close to “Christian Day,” and I want nothing whatsoever to do with him, and do not want to be associated with him in any way. As we do, I immediately grasped for the first thing to come to mind, which turned out to be something of the complete opposite.

So, I am now Celestine Nox.

That’s fine. That’s… good, actually. I realized a moment ago that in some ways, Nox goes hand in hand with the revelation I had a few days ago about the need for me to set up a shrine to Death. If one goes with traditional associations, that is. Which I will, because it fits, and it’s good.

Nox, night, darkness, death, mystery, depth, solitude, introspection, meditation, shadow, contemplation. I feel I’m heading into what are for me previously uncharted waters. “Nox” covers that feeling and experience more than adequately.

So here I am, as always, at your service:

–Celestine Nox


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