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Sorry for being quiet

Though, this is one of the few places I’ve been quiet. I’ve spent the past two months being extremely vocal and active in other places, including Twitter, which I’ve never used much before (except when on vacation).

I’ve attended my local Women’s March, and I’m hoping someone organizes a local Science March (I’ll organize if I have to, or at least get the ball rolling, but I’m not much of a leader and recognize this limitation). I’ve been messaging my Senators and Representatives, for all the good it will do because all of my Senators and Representatives are firmly in Trashfire’s pockets and are quite comfortable there.

Make no mistake, my friends. Here in the U.S., those of us who believe in all the freedoms America is supposed to stand for are now at war, and we are at war with our own government, and with our fellow Americans who supported this regime and continue to support it. Some of us have been complacent, but now we are terrified and angry and mobilized and striking back in whatever way we can. Some can be more vocal and more active than others. I commend everyone who is putting their own safety and lives on the line for the benefit of their fellow citizens and human beings.

I applaud the actions of the people behind the various Twitter accounts that are alternate sources for the climate change science that is so important but that the current regime wants to silence.

I am so, so proud of the friends I’ve seen coming out, standing up, and speaking out.

I’ve also been working on several other projects, including applying for a transfer of schools to Salem State University, and setting up a Patreon campaign. Graduate school, moving, and adulting are not cheap in this capitalist society, and I will accept any and all help given in exchange for the content I create. I’m trying to strike a balance between activism and the life I’ve been working toward and desperately need–the free life away from my abusive family and without the financial dependence that’s always kept me here.

I have a post that’s scheduled for a couple of days out from now, Wednesday morning. I hope y’all enjoy it, and look forward to more. I have a couple of drafts that need finishing up.


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