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Fun Update Stuff!

I have lots of exciting news!

1) Pagan related – I’ll be blogging at! I will probably continue to post here, but it’s very possible that the majority or even all of my future Pagan-related posts will be on We’ll see how that works out.

2) I’ve been accepted to Salem State University’s M.S. in Industrial/Psychology program! I’m very excited about this, and also terrified because this means moving thousands of miles away to a place with a drastically higher cost of living than that to which I’m accustomed.

If you would like to help me out, there are several ways you can do so:

  1. Buy my book! Capricious Symbols is an anthology of some of my older short stories as well as a preview of a novel I’m working on.
  2. Support my Patreon! I write blog posts, I post vlogs and gaming videos, I write poetry and flash fiction! I do so much stuff!
  3. I have gigs on Fiverr! I’ll do customized writing for you, I’ll help you write a school paper, or do a Tarot reading for you. If you have another idea for a custom gig, let me know!
  4. You could just email me and ask for a Tarot reading, or:
  5. Use the above email address to simply donate directly to my PayPal, if you are so moved.

3) I’ve actually been writing, working on one of my novel projects again.

I’m really excited for this next, better chapter in my life.


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