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My First Post at!

Hey, y’all! My first post is up at!

You can find it here: What is Chaos Paganism? An Introduction.

My blog at is called Chaos Paganism, and will be the place I write most of my posts about the path I’m building for myself to hopefully share with others. If you’re interested in my journey, or the progress of Chaos Paganism, then check it out and bookmark the blog.

For right now, I’ll still be blogging here. Topics at Finding the Path will be more about my thoughts on topics general to Paganism or generally related to Paganism rather than specific to my personal practice.

I have two drafts I’m working on completing: a post about my experiences reading Tarot, and another about Paganism and asexuality. Look for those in the future here on Finding the Path!

Speaking of, I’m thinking about changing the name of the blog. Suggestions?


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