Mystic Woo

My Encounter with the American Egregore

It’s no secret I love Thenea Pantera’s posts over at Magic from Scratch. I can’t remember which post it is now, but on one of them a while back there was discussion concerning the spirits/thought-forms/egregores of a country. I was encouraged to attempt contact with the egregore of America.

I did, almost by accident.

I mean, I meant to do it, just not where and when it happened.

I’m a little weird about how I sense the non-physical. Either I’m completely shut down and don’t sense anything at all, or I’m wide open (usually when I’m thinking about it and purposefully trying to be open) and sensing all the things.

So one day I sat in Taco Bell, eating food and thinking about how I would go about contacting the spirit of the U.S., and then suddenly out of no where there it was.

And it was going to be noticed.

Here’s the thing about the American egregore as I perceived it: it is big and it is loud and it is gaudy as fuck and it wants to be seen and heard. Which is probably why I perceived it only with a little attention sent its way. It was waiting for an opportunity to be perceived and jumped into the spotlight the moment it had the chance. My visual perception was a mess of bald eagle wings, American flags, rifles, and eyes.

The encounter was brief, and went something like this:

Me: Oh. Uh. Hi?

American Egregore: What will you give me? What do you have? I want it. Give. Give it to me.

Me: I don’t really have–


At that point, it literally tried to suck energy away from me and I had to shield up tight against it.

This didn’t scare me so much as it made me very thoughtful. The spirit of America is loud, gaudy, and greedy. It wants offerings and it will take without asking if it feel unsatisfied. It had no interest in conversation or in listening.

Yep, that sounds about right.

I’m sharing this story for two reasons. One is to let you know that yes, there is an egregore for America, an American thought-form or spirit you can communicate with. The second is to warn you to be on your toes should you try to contact it; bringing a little energy snack offering and extra-special shielding is recommended.

I haven’t yet tried to contact it again. I’ve had a lot of other things on my mind. But it’s in my thoughts that if enough people starting trying to talk to it, offer it little snacks and gifts, maybe it might eventually be more willing to listen.

If it will listen, then maybe it could change. Maybe we could change it.

Or maybe thinking that is like thinking one can change an abusive boyfriend, and no, I’m not trying to be funny. That’s basically what America is these days. Except it’s not a boyfriend, it’s a country, and most of us don’t have the option of just walking away.

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