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Three Elements of Practice: Water, Darkness, and Movement.

I have noticed three elements that are always present when I seek to do deep, spontaneous magic from my heart: water, darkness, and movement. Movement I've been intending to begin dance classes in Yemaya's name, wherein I will dedicate each movement to her; so far, mostly due to scheduling and financial issues, I haven't been… Continue reading Three Elements of Practice: Water, Darkness, and Movement.

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A Belated Blessed Samhain to you all.

Unfortunately, I did not perform the Samhain ritual I so wanted to do. Between drama related to a group project for one of my classes, and the start of NaNoWriMo, ritual slipped away and didn't happen. I'm disappointed, both that it didn't happen, and in myself for letting it become the least important thing in… Continue reading A Belated Blessed Samhain to you all.

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A Celestine by Any Other Name…

I wrote a while back about magical names and my relationship (or lack thereof) with them. Since then, I've changed my name (and thus the url for this blog) yet again. Thankfully, I don't see myself changing it again any time soon. Of course, I didn't expect to do so when I first started using… Continue reading A Celestine by Any Other Name…

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Because I could not stop for Death–

He kindly stopped for me –  The Carriage held but just Ourselves –  And Immortality. --Emily Dickinson So a thing happened the other day that I was not expecting, and it put me off guard, and it seemed one of those out there WOO things that anti-theists and others use to put down Paganism. Looking back, though,… Continue reading Because I could not stop for Death–

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The Holy Days of One Modern Pagan

Part of trying to distinguish my path from Wicca--which is important to me not because I hate Wicca or Wiccans, but simply because I'm not Wiccan and feel my path should reflect this--is figuring out a set of holidays that actually celebrate things I, as a modern Pagan, find important and even holy. Also, that… Continue reading The Holy Days of One Modern Pagan

There are offerings to Ganesha, Yemaya, Hulda, the Morrigan, Cernnunnos, and more here.
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Sabbats, Holy Days, Holidays

I am not Wiccan. As shared in a previous post, I was as a teenager just finding out there were religious options other than Christian, but I've changed since then, and Wicca is no longer the proper place for me in under the Pagan umbrella. The problem is that there is no established path or… Continue reading Sabbats, Holy Days, Holidays

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Pagan Community and a Lack Thereof

My friend Vicky asked me to talk about what it's like being a practicing Pagan on my own, "versus being part of a small community group, versus what [I] think it might be like in a really large community where Paganism is really prevalent and recognized[.]" Solitary Blues I was a solitary only Pagan for… Continue reading Pagan Community and a Lack Thereof