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I’ve just spent the last two hours crying…

Later today, or at this point, fuck it, maybe even tomorrow, maybe I'll take all day today (it is 2:30am after all) to process what just happened in my country and try to decide what to do next... ... at some time later, I will begin to move forward. Not on, but forward. I already… Continue reading I’ve just spent the last two hours crying…

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Upcoming Blog Posts

In accordance with the promise made in this post, I have been looking at my "Topics for Blog" folder, and deciding which ones I'm likely to write in the near future. So, here is a list of upcoming blogs from me: War Goddesses: Specifically, Athena and the Morrigan. I actually started writing this one a… Continue reading Upcoming Blog Posts

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Worst blog title ever, I know. But it's true. After writing that last post, I realized there were steps I could take to start cultivating that sense of connection I talked about. So, I took one. Sunday, I started the process toward joining the local UU church, All Souls. I know a Unitarian Universalist who… Continue reading Beginnings

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Pagan Community and a Lack Thereof

My friend Vicky asked me to talk about what it's like being a practicing Pagan on my own, "versus being part of a small community group, versus what [I] think it might be like in a really large community where Paganism is really prevalent and recognized[.]" Solitary Blues I was a solitary only Pagan for… Continue reading Pagan Community and a Lack Thereof