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My Polytheism

I identify as a polytheistic Pagan. My polytheism is still growing, still solidifying. It may never be finished; I kind of hope it won't be, ever. Then it would become stagnant. I called this place "Finding the Path" for a reason. I'm finding my own path here in the wild, because all the others that… Continue reading My Polytheism

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A Short Ritual of Grief

It's beginning to be too much, and I have the privilege of looking away when I feel overwhelmed. I'm white. I will never know the depths of the grief of black families and other families of color as their loved ones are murdered every day on the streets simply for existing. I cannot know it.… Continue reading A Short Ritual of Grief

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On War Deities: Athena and the Morrigan

I've been thinking a great deal about deities and their domains, or designations, or whatever you'd like to call them. Part of this was because I worked out a fictional set of religions for my NaNo novel back in November, and I'm still working out what it means for each deity to rule over what… Continue reading On War Deities: Athena and the Morrigan