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Let’s talk about Tarot!

No, really. Let’s talk about it!

I want to have a discussion post! John Beckett posted about his experience reading at a Psychic Fair, and I nearly squeed, so I decided I needed a Tarot discussion post.

I love Tarot, I love reading Tarot, and talking about Tarot. I love being read for! I love everything about Tarot.

So let’s talk about Tarot!

13 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Tarot!”

  1. I like tarot, too. Haven’t used a deck in years though (had a fallout with my deck). But I’m being called back to cartomancy. I do enjoy collecting decks, but I’m pretty picky about finding ‘the one’. 🙂

    Although I haven’t actually decided if I’m going to get a tarot deck, oracle, or fortune cards…


    1. A falling out? Oh no! I don’t know what I’d do if I had a falling out with my main deck. (Which is the Robin Wood deck, btw… I find it comforting and familiar, like an old friend.)

      I have a couple of oracle decks, but I don’t use them often. The Goddess Oracle feels strange in most instances; I rarely feel it’s appropriate to pull from, and do so only when I feel the person is in need of an actual message from a goddess. And I have Linda Goodman’s Star Cards which are really weird. I accidentally lied in my comments on Beckett’s post, because this deck does have a personality. It really wants to please you. I don’t use it much because it feels kind of like… an exuberant puppy that doesn’t quite know what to do with its paws yet, but it was so badly to play and make you happy.

      I have three Tarot decks I use fairly regularly: The Robin Wood, the Tarot of the Silicon Dawn, and the Fairy Tale Tarot. Robin Wood is a good default deck, and TotSD is the deck I use when I get the impression someone needs a bucket of cold water over their head, metaphorically speaking. Silicon Dawn does NOT pull punches. And the Fairy Tale Tarot likes to direct querents to finding new and unusual solutions to problems. 🙂

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      1. My first deck, i think was the Witches Tarot…or Tarot of the Witches, I can’t remember. I still have it somewhere, but yeah it had quite the personality to it. It would never answer the question asked, it always dug deeper to the real issue in my or whomever I was reading fors, lives. It was kind of annoying. I wanted to deflect and get on a different subject, and it wanted to confront and find a solution. A stubborn deck, just like me.

        Eventually, it just stopped working for me. Even the energy–after countless and various cleansings–just didn’t vibe with me anymore. So it’s in storage.

        I have the Robin Wood deck. Beautiful deck, but it doesn’t work for me either. Again, energy thing, which is one of the reasons why I’m so picky, I have to find the one that vibes with me. Which is strange, because I didn’t have that problem with my runes….although I did with my pendulum. It had to sync up just right, like my deck.

        I enjoy hearing about other decks with personalities!


      2. Ooooh man, that’s just a general Tarot thing, I think. XD I’ve noticed that a lot, and Robin Wood will do it too, but it’ll be respectful about it. Like, if I’m doing a Celtic Cross, the first couple of cards will acknowledge “yes, I know this is what you asked about” and then the rest will be “but this is what you really need to know.”

        I might recommend Silicon Dawn for you? ‘Cause man, it doesn’t play around. Ever. At all. It’s also a little fun because there’s all these extra cards you can include or choose to leave out. There’s more than one Fool (recognizing that the Journey of the Major Arcana is circular and never ending), and extra cards added to each suit, and an incomplete (face cards only) extra suit called the Void. Then there’s a whole host of odd extra Major Arcana cards.

        I had the Steampunk Tarot, but I ended up giving it away because it wasn’t right. I didn’t get anything from it, personality-wise, and I have to be able to grasp onto a deck’s personality to work with it. I don’t know if it’s just that it wasn’t the right deck for me, or if that particular deck didn’t have a personality. I hope it was the first; I don’t like the idea of an essentially “dead” deck of Tarot cards. 😦


      3. Me neither, about the “dead” deck. My first still has energy, just not for me. Maybe one day, it’ll find someone it likes.

        I actually used to be afraid of it, it was a Christmas gift from my step dad, and the energy was overwhelming. It took me years to get the confidence to work with it. I guess, I’m not worthy, lol.

        I do have another deck that’s just…dead. There’s no energy–well, not that I can feel. I did buy it on a whim–I thought it was a deck that I wanted and the store was closing, I bought it in a rush, and realized that it wasn’t the one that I was after.

        Silicon Dawn, I’ll look into it. It sounds familiar. I think when I saw your comment on Beckett’s post, I checked it out….I love divination and collecting the various tools, although currantly, most are virtual collections… In time!


      4. Revelations is good, too. Gorgeous artwork, reminiscent of stained-glass, and each card is mirror-imaged top to bottom, with slight changes to reflect the reversed meaning, making reading reversals easier. I just haven’t used this deck in a long, long while, because I actually lost it, and only recently found it again. You know how those decks do, they just run away until we’re ready to find them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve “lost” my RW deck… to the point that I actually have two RW decks. XD


      5. Haha, that’s awesome. I have a friend, whose pendulums do that to her. I think she has 5 now.

        Thanks, I’ll check that deck out, too.

        Do you have a favorite deck, outside of the ones that you own or have tried?


      6. OMGs you had to ask that question.

        It basically comes down to LOOK THESE ARE PRETTY!!!

        Goddess Tarot: http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/goddess/

        Tarot of the Spirit: http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/tarot-of-the-spirit/

        Shadowscapes: http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/shadowscapes/

        Tarot Mucha: http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/tarot-mucha/

        Some of them, like the Shadowscapes, I don’t know if I could actually work with, because I don’t know how well I could work with a deck whose art (no matter how gorgeous) doesn’t reflect at least in some way the deeper meaning of the cards. I feel like Shadowscapes is one where the artist has her own meanings that won’t necessarily generalize to the typical reader. But they’re gorgeous cards!

        And I could get my greedy little hands on each of these decks and maybe only be able to work with one… they may not be the kinds of decks I can work with. But they’re so pretty.


      7. Oh, the Goddess and Mucha decks are gorgeous! As an artist, i’d have to get Mucha! Hopefully it feels the same way about me! 😀

        I hear ya about the art not corresponding to meaning. It’s funny, when the Spirits suggested that I revisit Cartomancy, they showed me diving with a Spongebob deck….I don’t think of those exist, but yeah…I’ll pass on it. From what I can remember, none of the pictures showed the meaning. Shadowscapes is a gorgeous deck, though.


      8. Yessss, on the Mucha deck! Looking at the art, I feel I could definitely work with it.

        And I’m feeling a really strong urge to get my hands on the Goddess Tarot. ;_; If only I were not a broke college student.


  2. Although I haven’t done many readings as of late, on of my favorite decks that I’ve come across is the mystic dreamer’s tarot. It’s absolutely beautiful and adds quite a bit of depth to readings. It’s one of the few I felt I could really get into, making my readings much easier. I’m actually about to start a section in my blog going into detail on the meaning between the cards here in the next few days.

    Oh yes. Link to the mystic dreamers tarot. https://www.llewellyn.com/product_excerpt.php?ean=9780738714363&excerpt_id=7698

    Beautiful, beautiful artwork! I love it.


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