Discussion, Suggestions, The Promise

Upcoming Blog Posts

In accordance with the promise made in this post, I have been looking at my “Topics for Blog” folder, and deciding which ones I’m likely to write in the near future. So, here is a list of upcoming blogs from me:

War Goddesses: Specifically, Athena and the Morrigan. I actually started writing this one a while ago, and stalled on it, but I want to finish it.

The “Broom” Closet: My thoughts on it, what it means, and what I think we should do about it.

Pagan Clergy: I make no efforts to hide the fact that I absolutely support the idea of a Pagan clergy. I want to write about why, and my thoughts on the idea that Pagan clergy would somehow be just like Christian clergy.

The Gods are Not Santa Claus: Others have written on this, but I’ve wanted to as well.

Groups vs. Solitary: Otherwise known as my look at what I think a true Pagan community should look like, and how we should be able to move through it.

There are other topics in my folder, but these are the ones that jump out at me right now as the ones I most want to write about. Also, I am always open to suggestions on topics to write about.

Now, I should see about filling my belly before trying to go take a botany test this afternoon. Yaaaaay.


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